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Benefits of Living in a Retirement Community

Seniors are often very wary or scared of moving to an assisted living home. We can’t blame them—accepting and embracing change can be difficult, especially when you are essentially forced to uproot your home and move into an unfamiliar place. This fear of the unknown prevents many seniors from seeing the benefits of living in […]

Exercise Tips for Seniors

Regular physical activity is an important part of healthy aging. Exercise can strengthen your muscles, bones, joints, and improve your overall health to ultimately allow you to lead an independent lifestyle well into your elder years. But physical activity isn’t always easy, especially if you haven’t exercised in a long time. Here are a couple […]

Assisted Living Payment Options

There are many ways to pay for assisted living, some more well-known than others. Most families pay for assisted living homes in the Northern Virginia area out of pocket. However, there are many ways to supplement the payments. Here are a few assisted living care payment options: Long-Term Care Insurance Long-term care insurance is a policy purchased […]

Convincing Your Parent to Move into Assisted Living

It is in our human nature to want to live independently for as long as we can, and our elderly parents are no different in that sense. But what happens when living at home becomes dangerous? How do we talk to them about the harsh realities of what could happen if they stay at home […]

Signs Your Parent Needs Help At Home

It is difficult to know when to begin discussing in-home assistance or retirement homes with your aging parents. Mail may be piling up, they might be wearing wrinkled clothes, or they may have bruises on their arms, and when you point out your observations, they always respond with, “I’m fine, don’t worry about me.” Signs […]

Choosing the Best Senior Living Option

At some point in many families’ lives comes the difficult decision of whether or not to move your elderly loved one to a senior living home. Despite valiant efforts to keep them in their current home, moving into a setting that is better equipped to meet their needs is the only true solution. The most […]

The Truth About Aging in Place

With increasing age comes increasing responsibility. The body doesn’t function like it used to, and deciding whether to move your elderly relative into a nursing home or stay in their current home is something that many individuals must experience. Aging in Place has become a common form of elderly care because it allows seniors to […]

Avoiding Unnecessary Hospitalization

Most of us have a loved one who is advanced in age, and for those that do, a constant concern is their safety. With age comes wisdom and experience— unfortunately it also comes with increased fragility. For the elderly, the risk of even relatively pedestrian hospitalizations, and seeing adverse and continual effects as a result, […]