End of Life Care

End of life care at Tysons Woods Assisted Living focuses on a resident’s comfort and quality of life as our caregivers provide treatment, care, and support personally. With two small assisted living communities in Vienna, VA, and a high staff to resident ratio, our caregivers and residents are able to develop a connection on a more personal level. As these close relationships develop over time, residents will be able to experience a supportive and social environment that’s close-knit, which further promotes a healthy well-being and a higher quality of life.

Why End of Life Care May Be Necessary

Elders who are experiencing a life-limiting illness or condition may require end of life care as a means to receive the treatment and support they need as they near the end of their life. At Tysons Woods Assisted Living, we understand that physical and intellectual engagement are crucial to the daily life, health, and happiness of our residents. Our care team puts careful thought into the activities and social engagements for our residents. Our intimate community also allows us to customize schedules and activities toward a resident’s preferences as well. For instance, for residents with dementia, our team is experienced and familiar with creating a more formal and structured care plans to suit their needs best.

Individual Personalized Care and Support

As Tysons Woods Assisted Living houses eight residents in each of our communities, our team is able to provide personal end of life care and attention to each resident. Our high staff to resident ratio allows our staff to learn what each resident needs as well as adapt to each resident more efficiently. While this leads to a more dynamic daily routine, it will help residents maintain a higher quality of life and prevent each residents’ schedules from becoming too constrained as this is often the case at larger assisted living facilities. Residents at Tysons Woods Assisted Living will able to find the utmost comfort with personalized care that’s tailored to his or her precise needs.

Experience the Tysons Woods Assisted Living Difference: Compassionate Care in a Small Family Environment

The Tysons Woods Assisted Living mission is to provide compassionate personal care in a family environment. As our end of life housing reflects our mission best, residents and families will be at ease knowing they can trust our caregivers and receive the care and support that’s needed to pave way for a comfortable life. Whether there are medical emergencies or minor discomforts, our highly trained staff has the resources and experience to respond to any situation efficiently.