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Andrea Cocito saw a problem and spent decades building a solution. The problem was the impersonal, institutional care many seniors were receiving in large assisted living facilities. The solution is Tysons Woods, a small assisted living community dedicated to providing a safe and loving environment for local seniors. Tysons Woods is not “home-like” or “homey.” It is home.

As a young woman, Andy spent a lot of time at the small assisted living her aunt owned in the Alps. She quickly developed a strong affection for the older generation and a passion for serving them. Later, she opened a restaurant with her husband and spent years feeding and serving people of all ages.

When she moved to the United States, Andy initially planned to open a restaurant again. While working at a large assisted living facility, Andy’s passion for seniors and her love for quality food came together and led to her true calling: opening her own small assisted living.

As the dining supervisor at a large assisted living, Andy noticed that some residents weren’t coming to the dining room for their meals. She sent waiters on her staff to their rooms to deliver meals. Her supervisor later chastised her for proactively helping residents who weren’t willing or able to come down to the dining room. She learned that the residents were being billed for each delivered meal, and the management wanted to ensure that the billing was accurate.

“There has to be another way,” Andy recalled thinking. “These people were spending so much money, and they were not receiving quality, personalized care. They were just a number.”

Today, Andy is proud to offer something different at Tysons Woods, the small assisted living community she founded more than 15 years ago. Tysons Woods provides customized care for every resident in a comfortable, upscale home.

“I raised my family in an assisted living,” Andy concluded. “I live where the residents live, and I ensure that it is like a bed and breakfast, complete with personal connections and delicious food every day.”

Our Caregiving Staff

At Tysons Woods Assisted Living, residents will receive the highest quality of personal care provided by a knowledgeable and kind caregiver with on-call nurses and doctors available as necessary. Our team is known for being professional and highly attentive with our residents, in which we will notice even the smallest of changes with your loved one, such as loss of appetite, sudden weight loss, medication mismanagement and more, so that nothing goes overlooked. We take the time to provide a clean and safe home while developing activities that cater to each residents’ mental, physical, and emotional needs so residents are able to live a fulfilling life at Tysons Woods Assisted Living.

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