Tysons Woods Assisted Living is Different

  • Tysons Woods is the luxury bed and breakfast version of assisted living. It is not a “home-like environment.” It is an actual home.

Our Amenities

  • 8 spacious private suites with en-suite bathrooms
  • Staff Available On-site 24/7
  • Medication Management
  • 24/7 On Call Medical Service
  • Homemade Meals Daily
  • Complete Kitchen
  • Daily Housekeeping / Laundry
  • Local Attractions & Activities
  • Medical Providers Nearby
  • Private Gardening Space
  • Fenced Outdoor Areas
  • Spacious Screened In Deck
  • Stair lift
  • Emergency Call Systems
A Small Community
  • 8 spacious, private suites with en suite bathrooms in each of two homes.
  • Staff available onsite 24/7.
  • Residents and staff know each other well and form real connections.
  • Individualized care is provided based on the person and their wants and needs.
  • Security is tight. There is only one entrance. Staff members are aware of every person who enters the home.
Memory Care Available
  • Residents never have to move to a different room or a locked unit.
  • Staff adapts care to meet residents’ changing needs.
  • Residents are not forced to participate in activities that make them uncomfortable.
  • Residents interact with fewer people than in a large facility, leading to less confusion.
All-Inclusive Facility
  • NO hidden fees or up charges.
  • Your loved one’s care needs may change, but the price will not.
  • Traditional assisted living facilities frequently add fees for certain necessities or higher levels of care.
High Staff-to-Resident Ratio - 1:4
  • We have one staff member on duty for every four residents, significantly higher than the industry standard.
  • The Administrator of the home lives on site. She is available 24/7 and knows every resident and their needs.
  • There is an LPN Care Manager on call every day, all day.
Professional & Friendly Staff
  • Our founder and owner is a veteran of the hospitality industry, having owned a restaurant and worked in the dining room at a large assisted living facility. She knows how to make people feel welcome, and she knows how to nurture older adults.
  • Staff members know each resident personally and can recognize when additional care or services are needed.
  • Caregivers have the power and the knowledge to put residents’ needs first—always.
  • Staff members help residents avoid medical emergencies by providing proactive care.
  • Caregivers are all highly trained, including LPNs, CNAs, and Med-techs. There are 3 LPNs on staff.
  • All staff members are trained in dementia care.
  • We have an extremely low staff turnover rate.

Andrea Cocito

“I raised my family in an assisted living. I live where the residents live, and I ensure that it is like a bed and breakfast, complete with personal connections and delicious food every day.”

Andrea Cocito, founder and owner of Tysons Woods Assisted Living

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