7 Tips To Prevent Falls at Home

by December 16, 2016

Although  the Center for Disease Control and Prevention states that less than half of the seniors who fall tell their physician, 1 out of every 5 falls results in a serious bone or head injury. It is important to proof your elderly relative or loved one’s home to make sure that it is as safe as possible for seniors.

Make sure lighting is adequate

Without sufficient lighting in your rooms, the risk of tripping over something at night increases. Adding an additional lamp or light fixture to each room, entrance and walkway to guarantee they are well lit can go a long way in preventing falls.

Secure loose rugs

Rugs can slip very easily on hardwood floors. Make sure these rugs are secured (non-skid tape works fine), as they can be a major hazard to seniors in your home.

Clean spills immediately

A forgotten spill in the kitchen or bathroom can lead to serious injury risk. Make sure floors in these rooms are dry and safe.

Furniture arrangement

Furniture should allow for easy paths in, out, and through rooms. Keep in mind extension cords and small loose furniture should be hidden or blocked.

Keep rooms clean and clutter free

Your rooms should be neat and organized, not full of clutter that blocks your walkways. Make it a point to keep spaces tidy on a daily basis, and schedule time for a deep clean at least once a week.


Make sure all stairwells have railings, as many falls tend to occur going up or down the stars. Railings and handles can also be placed in the bathroom or kitchen, as they tend to be amongst the most hazardous rooms in the house.

Step stools

Step stools are an easy way to reduce the need to use countertops or other unsafe methods to grab hard to reach items. Having a step stool in every level of your home can play a huge role in keeping your loved ones safe.

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