How to Know It’s Time for Assisted Living

by December 9, 2016

The decision whether to move yourself or your loved one out to an assisted living community is a difficult one. The balance between wanting to be independent and realizing assistance could be helpful is often complex. Signs such as a recent accident and a slow recovery, worsening health, and difficulty with simple daily tasks are clear indicators; but not all signs are this obvious. Other changes in your senior’s life that can serve as warning signs that assisted living would ensure a safer environment include:

  • Neglecting personal hygiene or care
  • Excessive junk or clutter in or around the home
  • Social withdrawal including changes in personality, cutting back on activities with friends, loneliness, and days spent without leaving the house
  • Changes in diet (Frozen dinners, skipping meals, expired foods)
  • Overall decline in mental sharpness
  • Difficulty driving

Here at Tysons Woods, a senior living home in Vienna, VA, we understand how hard the decision to move to an assisted home can be. Our family oriented community is perfect for you or your loved ones to feel comfortable and safe. If you or an elder family member exhibits some of these signs that indicate assisted living is a better option, contact us today for more information.