Steps to Finding the Best Senior Care

by November 11, 2016

Choosing the best senior living home for your loved one can be a difficult decision, especially if you are on a time constraint and are frantic to find a proper home. If you are able to, take the time to find the right facility. Your loved one will have a much smoother transition process, and will be forever grateful that you did your homework and were able to provide them with the right senior care facility.

To make the right decision, there are a few steps to take to help hone in on the best senior care facility for your loved one.

Set A Budget

Before you begin the search for a senior living home, you need to figure out what you can afford. Sit down and do the math, factoring in all flows of income including retirement accounts, social security, benefits, and pensions. Use these numbers to figure out what your loved one is able to spend monthly on a facility.

Do The Research

After you have established your budget, it is time to look around and find assisted living homes that fall within your price range. There are many websites online that have directories of senior living homes organized based on many types of criteria including: price, location, and amenities. These sites, along with individual senior living sites, provide information like:

  • pictures of the grounds, common areas, rooms, and more
  • what current and past residents have to say about their experience
  • what amenities are included
  • what specialized services are offered

Take A Tour

The best way to get a true feel for an assisted living home is to tour the facilities. Research will help narrow down your options, but you shouldn’t make a final decision based solely on internet findings. Treat the search for an assisted living facility like a search for a house or apartment—you wouldn’t buy a house without walking through it first.

Once you find an assisted living home for your loved one that is a good fit, you can help them make the move while knowing that it is truly the best thing for them. If you are looking for an assisted living home in Vienna, VA, don’t hesitate to reach out to Tysons Woods for any questions or to schedule a tour.