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Things to Look for in End of Life Care

by July 10, 2018

Our elderly loved ones are important parts of our lives. We look up to them when times get tough, and they are there to support and love us unconditionally. However, thinking about the end of a loved one’s life is disheartening, but it is bound to happen at some point. It is a natural part of life, so making sure they are in good conditions when it happens is important.

You want them to know how loved they are and how much you care for them, which they will be able to see through the compassionate end of life care offered at Tysons Woods Assisted Living Homes in Northern Virginia.

Looking for quality end of life care for your loved one can add to the stress of the journey, so here are some things to look for when searching:

Personalized Care

Personalized care can be more significant than you think because it will make your loved one feel special and like they are first priority, which they should be. Personalized care can include working with the patient to make a schedule fit for there wants and needs or simply providing them with their favorite meals. Tysons Woods Assisted Living offers a 1 to 4 staff to patient ratio and senior evaluations performed by the senior care experts, so your loved one will be able to be given the personal care and attention they need and create close relationships with the staff.

Continuous Care

Patients nearing the end of their lives shouldn’t be taken care of sparsely. To make sure they are satisfied and thoroughly cared for at all times, there needs to be staff and doctors available continuously. Tysons Woods offers on-call nurses 24/7, house-call ready doctors, and other staff members such as therapists to provide constant care to your loved one during this journey.

Advanced and Thorough Planning

End of life care requires thorough planning ahead of time. You, your loved one, and the staff caring for them will need to discuss any future plans. You need to ask yourself questions like “what the next step after my loved one’s time arrives?” Asking yourself questions like this and discussing it with them will ensure they feel included. The staff at Tysons Woods in Northern Virginia is there to talk about any concerns you may have in dealing with this subject and give you advice.

Peaceful Care

These last moments your loved one is faced with, whether they are days, weeks, or months, can be full of stress. To keep the stress levels down, the Tysons Woods staff makes sure that their patients are at peace with what they are going through, so you can also relax. We offer deck areas, gardening locations, fenced in outdoor areas ideal for walking, and common areas with television and Wi-Fi so your loved one can feel refreshed and comfortable in our at-home environment.

Choose Tysons Woods to Care for Your Loved One at the End of Their Life

Here at Tysons Woods in Vienna, Virginia, our goal is to make sure the patients feel safe and comfortable with the care we provide. The end of life process can be scary to them, so trust that they are in good hands with us.