Top 4 Reasons why Small Assisted Living Home are Beneficial

by August 23, 2018

It’s important to be prepared for anything in life, especially when it comes to your loved ones. As you search for the perfect place, there are several tips and features to keep in mind when selecting the greatest fit for your loved one’s assisted living facility.

What’s unique about Tysons Woods, a small assisted living home in Vienna, VA, is that we devote the time in delivering quality care and assistance for our residents and facility. We house about eight individuals in each facility in order to develop the growth of a close-knit family community among our residents. This increases the home quality of our assisted living program and ensures you a great and positive fulfillment for your loved one.

We gathered four of the top outstanding reason as to why small assisted living homes are beneficial and we hope these points will guide you towards the right direction when making a decision.

Positive Health

As a small assisted living home in Vienna, our practices include understanding the strong impacts of a positive lifestyle and home environment. With the growth of small communities, and the formation of close friendly bonds between staff and other residents, allows the potential increase of happiness. Developing a positive and healthier lifestyle reduces stress, and other health-risk factors.

Higher Quality and Attentive Care

Having a loved one surrounded by a small community ensures each individual part of the living community to be more cared for. Our staff specialize in being attentive to each and every single individual and allows for growth and more bonds to form. New opportunities arise, as small assisted living homes give the chance for unique customized activities tailored to the resident. At Tysons Woods, this includes personalized daily routines that specifically cater to the quality and service for the needs of our residents.

Home-like Characteristics

As a small assisted living home in Vienna, we are proud in presenting a home-like environment that helps ease new residents to transition into. This not only assist in new residents to easily adapt to a completely whole new atmosphere, but it also brings out the exclusive characteristic any small assisted living home should carry. A few features from our facilities include comfortable living room areas, beautiful gardens to view, and private rooms.

Open Communication

Having open communication between the residents and our staff is a top priority and easily attainable when there is less clutter and creates for stronger relationships to form. This is a must-seek feature one should take into great consideration when searching for a small assisted living program. The staff at Tysons Woods becomes familiarized with the different care and necessities that each individual has. There is no need to worry, as our staff is highly trained to become the best quality care-takers for small living assisted homes in Vienna, VA.

Taking these helpful tips into consideration, it should be easier to understand and compare the differences between small assisted living home programs versus larger corporate facilities.

Trust Tysons Woods as Your Small Assisted Living in Virginia!

We hope that your journey in finding the perfect home is as smooth as the initial transition for your loved one. We understand the importance of selecting a home that suits and caters to each and every single need.

The end road can be difficult and scary at times but trust a home-like environment with the quality staff that is attentive 24/7 to each individual. We promise, your loved one will be in great hands! Call 703-846-0395 or contact us online for more information.