Three Things to Look For in an Assisted Living Facility

by May 1, 2018

Finding the perfect Vienna, VA assisted living facility for your loved one can be a daunting challenge. You want your loved one to receive the care and attention you cannot provide them on your own. There are many Vienna, VA assisted living options, and they all offer different services. How are you supposed to sift through the choices to find the best fit for your loved one? Finding the right assisted living facility is often difficult, but not if you know what to look for:

No Hidden Fees

Assisted living facilities are a place for your senior to feel cared for. This often means your senior might receive small procedures or helpful activities to help your loved one receive excellent medical care. Many families with seniors in assisted living facilities are often surprised to see a plethora of hidden fees in their billing statement. They thought that the procedures they were billed for were previously included in the original fees. This can be very frustrating, and even affect a family’s ability to continue paying for assisted living.

At Tysons Woods, we practice all-inclusive care. We include every element of the care we will give to your senior in our pricing.

Excellent Services

Vienna, VA assisted living facilities like Tysons Woods offer excellent services that are tailored to your loved one’s needs. We offer 24/7 trained staff, support programs for memory care, internal communication, 24-hour LPN and doctors who offer house calls. Our senior to staff ratio is 1 to 4, making it easy for staff to attend to each seniors’ changing needs as quickly as possible.

We always address residents’ needs with confidence. Every senior is different, and we take pride in striving to meet each of their individual needs as such. Personalized care is always our goal.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Your loved one deserves state-of-the-art facilities to ensure privacy, safety, and comfort. We offer private suites for each and every senior. This gives seniors privacy, while also allowing them close proximity to other residents for social interactions. In short, our private suites make residents feel at home in their Vienna, VA assisted living facility.

Each of our Tysons Woods Assisted Living facilities include eight suites with en-suite bathrooms, dressing assistance, bathroom assistance, daily housekeeping, nutritious and gourmet meals and snacks, medication administration, and trained staff available 24 hours a day. Since we practice all-inclusive care, all amenities and services are included in our pricing, except incontinence care. Also, we equip all suites with an emergency call system to allow residents to be independent but have access to emergency services should they need them.

Every home has common areas like a living room with a television and a kitchen. Our facilities are equipped with Wi-Fi and telephones to ensure your senior can stay connected. Gardening areas, fenced outdoor areas for walking, and spacious deck areas are also offered.

Trust Tysons Woods Assisted Living in Vienna with your Senior’s Care

We know how stressful and overwhelming picking the right Vienna, VA assisted living facility for your senior can be. You want your loved one to feel safe, independent, cared for, and happy. At Tysons Woods Assisted Living, we take pride in offering all of that to our residents. If you are interested in our services, please contact us.