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Common Myths about Assisted Living Homes

by April 8, 2018

Choosing to move your loved one into a Vienna, Virginia assisted living home can be daunting. There are many myths surrounding assisted living communities, and some of them can be scary to hear. No one wants to put their senior into an assisted living community they are unsure about. Common myths surrounding assisted living communities can make you nervous and unsure about placing your loved one in one.

At Tysons Woods, we prove several common myths about assisted living in Vienna, Virginia wrong:

MYTH: Moving to an assisted living facility in Vienna means seniors will give up hobbies. Since your senior won’t live in their home anymore, they will not have access to fun hobbies and activities like gardening and social events.

TRUTH:  At Tysons Woods, your senior will have the opportunity to be more active and have more hobbies than ever before. They can bring any of the current hobbies they love with them when they move in, such as puzzles, knitting, and books to read. Your senior will also have exposure to people who have different hobbies than they do, allowing them to pick up even more activities and meet new people. Tysons Woods offers an array of hobbies and activities for seniors to keep up their mental and physical health.

MYTH: Moving away from family means no one will help your senior. Staff aren’t around all the time, so your senior may not receive help if they need it.

TRUTH: At Tysons Woods, we have an incredible 1 to 4 staff to resident ratio to prevent this from ever happening. Because many of our residents are 80 years old and up, we understand how crucial it is to always have friendly, experienced staff available to help our residents. We take pride in providing personalized attention to your loved one, regardless of the day or time they may need it. In case a more serious issue arises with your senior, we provide round the clock medical care such as:

  • On-Call Nurses 24/7
  • House-Call Ready Doctors
  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Hospice Treatments
  • Incontinence Care (Rate Adjustment)
  • Dementia care

MYTH: Moving into a Vienna, Virginia assisted living facility means your senior will lose their independence.

TRUTH: At Tysons Woods, we like to say our facilities are “like-home facilities.” We want your senior to feel as at home as possible. Feeling at home also means maintaining their independence. Despite our residents being 80 years old and up, we pride ourselves on giving them as much independence as possible while still ensuring care and safety. We provide emergency call systems in every room to ensure that residents receive help if they need it. Our staff will only visit our suites for routine procedures such as to administer medicine.

MYTH: Assisted living facilities are depressing and only host residents in the last part of their lives.

TRUTH: The Vienna assisted living homes at Tysons Woods are not places where seniors simply wait out the remaining years of their lives. Although many residents of Tysons Woods are 80 years and older, they live in comfortable homes within a great community. At our assisted living homes, seniors maintain the quality of life they are already accustomed to and still get to do everything they love.

Beat the Myths and Choose Tysons Woods!

The common myths surrounding assisted living homes are certainly not true at Tysons Woods! Our assisted living facilities in Vienna, Virginia are comfortable, spacious, and our seniors have all the staff needed to ensure each and every one of our residents stays cared for and comfortable. Providing personalized care is always our goal. With our 1 to 4 staff to resident ratio, we meet surpass the expectations of our residents and their families.

Are you considering assisted living for your loved one? We would love to debunk the myths about assisted living facilities, and show you the wonders our community can bring.