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What to Expect When Sending Your Loved One to an Elder Care Facility

by November 15, 2023

Transitioning a loved one to an elder assisted living facility is an emotionally charged and challenging decision for families. Therefore, you must approach the topic with sensitivity, understanding, and thorough preparation. By having honest conversations, preparing financially, and providing continual support, seniors and their families can facilitate their elder’s shift into assisted living. 

At Tysons Woods Assisted Living, our attentive staff ensures our facilities feel like home to families and their loved ones. Between our 24/7 nursing team, welcoming environment, and numerous amenities, Arlington, VA, families can feel confident that their loved ones are receiving unmatched care. To learn more about our upscale facilities or schedule a pre-admission assessment, call (703) 846-0395 today. 

Below, we outline what to anticipate in senior assisted living: 

Emotional Preparation 

The decision to place a loved one in elder assisted living often evokes a range of emotions in seniors and their loved ones. Many family members experience guilt, sadness, and anxiety, to name a few. However, you must remember that you’re not abandoning them but rather providing the best care possible. 

Allow yourself, your family, and your senior time to process this lifestyle adjustment when preparing for the move. Speak openly and honestly with your loved one about their needs and preferences. The transition to assisted living can be smoothed by acknowledging emotions and concerns head-on. 

Financial Considerations 

The cost of elderly assisted living can vary significantly between facilities. Take the necessary time to compare the costs and quality of services before determining your loved one’s new home. Consider their comfort and concerns, and carefully review room fees and additional charges. 

Opting for a facility with inclusive amenities and transparent pricing allows you and your family to select a community that delivers high-quality care at a reasonable price. 

Packing and Moving 

When your senior joins an elderly assisted living facility, involve them in moving. Upon arrival, residents can decorate their rooms with familiar belongings, such as photos, furniture, and sentimental items. Including your loved one in this process helps everyone contribute to a comfortable living space that enhances their overall well-being. 

Ongoing Support elder assisted living Arlington VA

After your loved one has settled into their new home, advocate for their well-being. Maintain regular communication with them and their caregivers; visit your senior as often as possible. In doing so, you can reduce their homesickness and receive peace of mind regarding their welfare. When checking in, listen to their concerns and validate their feelings as they navigate this new chapter. 

Additionally, prioritize your well-being during this change. Take breaks, seek support from others, and engage in joyful activities. Balancing care for your loved one with self-care is essential for long-term mental and emotional health. 

Comprehensive Elder Assisted Living Near Arlington, VA

Moving to elder assisted living is a significant life change for seniors and their families. At Tysons Woods Assisted Living, we approach each resident’s unique situation with empathy, understanding, and open communication. Arlington, VA, families can ensure their loved ones maintain a good quality of life by entrusting their care to our exceptional team. To schedule a facility tour and learn more about our staff, call us at (703) 846-0395 today.