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How to Make the Transition to Assisted Living

by June 14, 2023

Transitioning from independent to elder assisted living is challenging for the seniors who undergo it and their loved ones who facilitate it. Indeed, identifying the right community and overcoming old lifestyle habits can feel impossible. While this process differs for everyone, you can help your elder by conducting careful facility research, connecting them with their new community, and encouraging them to feel at home.

At Tysons Woods Assisted Living, support is available the entire way. Reston, VA, families can rest assured knowing their loved ones receive the compassion and care they deserve. Our small and welcoming environment offers numerous amenities and services as well as a highly attentive staff. All our residents enjoy a healthy and holistic lifestyle. For more information or to schedule a facility tour, visit our website or call  (703) 846-0395. 

Below, we discuss a few ways you and your loved one can prepare for assisted living: 

Research and Ask Questions

All families want their loved ones to receive the best care possible, but that care will differ for every resident. So, tour facilities and meet their staff when researching assisted living options for the elderly. Doing so will give you and your loved one a clear understanding of the environment and how well it meets patient needs. Ask questions about activities, costs, and residences—the more details you gather, the better informed your ultimate decision.

While assisted living can be hard to discuss, include your senior loved one in the conversation as much as possible. Their well-being is the goal, so asking about their preferences will aid in finding the right fit. Moreover, listen to and discuss their concerns about assisted living. An open conversation ensures everyone is on the same page.

Make It Feel Like Home

Elder Assisted Living Reston VA

Ideally, your loved one’s assisted living space should be a welcoming and cozy atmosphere. Achieving this outcome starts with packing: transitioning from independent to assisted living for the elderly might require some downsizing. As you begin packing, focus on essential items such as medications, clothing, bedding, and everyday furniture. Once you account for these items, you can be selective about decorations and other non-essentials. 

At Tysons Woods, we encourage our new residents to fill their space with furniture and belongings from home. Consider what your loved one finds sentimental—their family photographs and meaningful keepsakes can comfort them during their transition. Creating a homely will help them settle in and feel safe.

Connect with the Community

With your loved one settling into their new space, encourage them to build connections with their neighbors and caregivers. The other residents have all gone—or are going—through the transition process, and they can support your senior. Your family should also get acquainted with the daily staff to understand how your loved one handles the change. Caregivers and other patients can suggest activities, offer advice, or become new friends.

Also, discuss visitation with your loved one so your family can continue providing support. Doing so will be a crucial source of comfort during this emotional transition. Consider establishing a routine family visit schedule during the initial weeks, which helps you and your loved one feel confident and eases loneliness

Elder Assisted Living Community in Reston, VA

A senior’s entry into elder assisted living can overwhelm them and their family. Therefore, Tysons Woods Assisted Living makes this transition seamless for our Reston, VA, patients. For more than 15 years, our welcoming staff has provided comfortable, upscale facilities and personalized care for our residents. To learn more about how Tysons Woods eases seniors’ transition into assisted living, call (703) 846-0395 or visit our website today.

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