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How to Choose an Assisted Living Community for Your Parents

by August 24, 2022

Although assisted living communities should provide a home for their senior residents, some patients experience harm at the hands of caregivers, a tragedy observed on World Elder Abuse Day. Families concerned by such incidents can help avoid them by seeking and visiting a high-quality senior care home, where they can ask about the staff, accommodations, activities, culture, dietary plan, length of stay, and financing options. Seniors living in such a loving sphere can trust their caretakers and live at ease.

Tysons Woods is a trusted assisted-living community that serves seniors from Falls Church, VA. Our all-inclusive daily care and end-of-life services emphasize patients’ comfort and independence. Moreover, we have a close-knit community with 8 private suites wherein individuals can live their unique lifestyles. Contact us at (703) 846-0395 to learn more from a care plan advisor.

Below, we discuss what family members should give particular attention to when visiting assisted living communities:


You will probably start your visit with the facility’s administrators. Pay attention to how friendly and thorough they are. Do they provide you with helpful information and make you feel welcome? 

Ask the administrator about their staffing policies and staff-to-resident ratios. Most assisted living facilities help with activities of daily living. If your loved one needs help with such tasks, inquire about their certification level. Some caregivers are certified nursing assistants while others are universal workers. 

Find out who is on duty for emergencies and who is responsible for administering medication. How can your loved one access a doctor, if needed? Moreover, ask about the turnover rate and whether they conduct background checks.

As you tour the facility, observe how the staff interacts with residents. Do they seem attentive and kind? These professionals can become like family in an assisted living facility, so you and your loved one should feel comfortable engaging with them. 


Look at the facility and check out the common areas and rooms. Some facilities offer different suite options with added amenities depending on your loved ones’ level of independence. They may be able to choose a room with a kitchenette, outdoor access, or one that is pet friendly. Also, find out if the rooms are shared or individual.

Get a feel for the facility’s layout as well. Are there rooms with windows or views that your loved one may prefer? It’s also important to discuss the duration of staying in a room. Some rooms require contracts for the length of stay.

Activities & Culture

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Assisted living community professionals schedule activities for residents to participate in. Ask to see a schedule of their on- and off-campus activities. They may provide a wide variety of activities from game nights to concerts, but be sure they offer opportunities that your loved one enjoys. 

In addition to organized activities, what is the overall culture of the community? Do residents mingle in common areas and participate in activities, such as reading, crafts, or exercise? Check to see if they have rooms designated for such activities, including a library and fitness center

The daily activities calendar will give you a sense of the regular agenda, yet you’ll want to inquire about annual activities and trips away from the facility as well. Some assisted living homes participate in community events, like children’s clubs and volunteering. How does the facility celebrate holidays? Does your loved one have access to practice their religion?

Your elder should be able to participate in activities they have always enjoyed. If your loved one likes nature, you may choose a facility with a pond, garden, or natural surroundings. Others may enjoy spending time around animals. In that case, find out if there are community pets or if they host animals from a local shelter. 

Dietary Plan

While visiting a facility, plan to stay for a meal so you can try the food. Ask about the available food options and meal services. What is the food plan, and how is it built into the cost structure? 

If your loved one has dietary preferences or restrictions, find out whether they can receive accommodations. Ensure that the food is high quality, nutritional, and meets your loved ones’ taste preferences. 

Length of Stay

Whether your loved one plans on staying in the facility short-term or long-term, you can prevent unexpected changes by looking into both options. You may determine the length of your loved one’s stay based on their health.

Consider any health conditions your loved one has and how they could advance or change. Does the facility accommodate those needs? For example, assisted living communities that accept residents with early-stage Alzheimers may not be able to accommodate individuals with late-stage Alzheimers.


Be prepared to discuss your budget and financing options. You may be able to decide between levels of service that could influence the cost. Is the pricing compartmentalized or all-inclusive? In addition to standard pricing, find out if the facility charges additional fees for moving in, moving out, or other contingencies.

Furthermore, ensure you understand financing policies, including billing and payment procedures. In the same vein, understand the terms for refunds and transfers. You can also inquire about private, corporate, or government financing programs

A Trustworthy Senior Care Community in Falls Church, VA

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