A Guide to the Different Types of Senior Care Services

by September 20, 2023

America is getting older. The median age of US citizens is increasing, and high-quality senior care services have never been more in demand. The aging process presents physical and mental obstacles, making support services of different levels critical for those in their golden years. If you or a loved one finds daily routines increasingly challenging, learn more about what types of senior care services are available.

Located near Falls Church, VA, Tysons Woods Assisted Living provides reliable and personalized senior care services. Founded with a passion for supporting elder community members, we strive to create a comfortable living experience and guarantee that seniors receive the care they require. Our high staff-to-residents ratio of 1:4 allows us to give residents the attention they deserve and respond quickly to their needs. For more information on our elder care services and support, call (703) 846-0395.

Below, we discuss the types and benefits of senior care services:

The Benefits of Senior Care Services

It’s common for older Americans to experience physical and mental challenges. For instance, reduced muscular strength and flexibility can make chores difficult and inhibit outings. The obstacles to daily activities can have an emotional toll on seniors and may even create unsafe living conditions.

These issues can lead to depression and feelings of isolation. However, elder care services help support emotional wellness by providing appropriate assistance and a supportive community that eases physical and mental adversity.

Types of Senior Care Services

Necessary assistance varies from person to person and changes over time. Given the many senior care services available, you must identify the proper option for your loved one. Below, we describe the types of senior care services available to you:

Memory Care Services

Memory care services support those who tend to forget critical details and everyday tasks, making them vital for people with conditions such as dementia, Parkinson’s, Huntington’s, and Alzheimer’s disease. Moreover, Tysons Woods provides all patients—particularly memory care ones—a secure environment with limited variables to avoid confusion.

Personal Care Services

Every senior will not face cognitive obstacles despite the prevalence of such issues. On the contrary, many simply feel challenged by their limited physical capacity. In these instances, a personal care provider can lend a hand with daily tasks such as getting in and out of bed, dressing, bathing, shopping, and more. Personal care services often treat such needs, which Tysons Woods offers at our senior care facilities.

Medical Services

Senior Care Services Falls Church VA

Elders with substantial healthcare needs will find medical services a prudent solution. These services furnish seniors with reliable access to resources, including on-call nurses, physical or occupational therapy, and medication management. Practitioners can couple medical services with other types to fulfill individual needs (for example, medication monitoring alongside memory or personal care services).

End-of-Life Services

Compassionate end-of-life care provides comfort and security for those dealing with a terminal diagnosis. Sometimes referred to as palliative or hospice care, end-of-life services seek to minimize discomfort and pain rather than find a cure for medical conditions. Furthermore, this option helps the patient and their loved ones find peace with the senior’s passing.

Compassionate Senior Care Services in Falls Church, VA

If you or a loved one requires senior care services in Falls Church, VA, turn to Tysons Woods Assisted Living. Our team takes pride in delivering compassionate, high-quality services that enrich the lives of our patients. Moreover, we adapt to the individual needs of each resident, ensuring they receive proper, individualized care. To learn more about our senior care services, call (703) 846-0395.