When Should You Transition Your Loved One into Assisted Living?

by February 8, 2021

When your loved one’s health and behavior require careful management and constant assistance, then you may need to move them into an assisted living facility. In addition, when your time and resources are so limited that you can longer provide them the proper care they need, you should consider transitioning them into an assisted living community. While it is a difficult decision to make, picking the right assisted living community that exceeds in providing excellent senior care will make all the difference to your loved one and for yourself.

Tysons Woods is among the top assisted living communities in Tysons, Virginia. Our staff is fully trained to provide comprehensive, personalized caregiving to our elder residents, and our facilities are equipped to provide for both their medical needs and personal comfort.

Here are some signs that can indicate when you should move your loved one into an assisted living facility:    

Signs Your Loved One Needs Senior Care At An Assisted Living Facility

Trouble With Daily Activities

The first sign that may indicate that your elder should transfer to an assisted living facility is when they have a hard time performing routine tasks. If they are having a hard time completing essential chores like cleaning and dusting rooms, washing the dishes, doing the laundry, and bathing and cooking, then it means they’ll need assistance every day to live and function normally.

One option would be you and your family providing this assistance each day, but may not be feasible due to busy schedules and other personal difficulties. However, an assisted living community is staffed and equipped to ensure your elder gets the help and care they need each and every day.

Chronic Symptoms & Erratic Behavior

Another indication that your loved one may need to move into assisted living is if they are struggling with more severe symptoms of a chronic illness, such as the symptoms of dementia.

In the case of the former, it is possible to help your loved one personally through your own caregiving, although it may not be the best quality care if you aren’t experienced with managing their illnesses either.

Furthermore, if they are beginning to show signs of dementia, managing their condition will require constant round-the-clock care to assist them through their everyday tasks. While it is possible, it can be very difficult for most to provide that kind of care. That is where an established senior care facility, like Tysons Woods, can help. 

Difficulties in Providing Proper Care

As we’ve discussed, when showing signs that indicate your elder can no longer support themselves, the next option outside of them continuing to live independently is to care for them yourself.

While this has its advantages–family care being a more comfortable transition for them–there are also disadvantages as well. Caretaking is often taxing and difficult, as it requires a consistent amount of personal attention each and every day.

Instead of placing the burden entirely on yourself, whether it is just you or multiple members of your family, consider entrusting your elder to a team of senior care experts at Tysons Woods Assisted Living. 

Tysons Woods Assisted Living: Distinguished Senior Care in Tysons, VA 

Moving your elder into assisted living is an excellent way to ensure they get the consistent care they need. At Tysons Woods Assisted Living, we offer our residents an enjoyable experience through our dedication to personalized senior care services. Our staff is trained to assess each resident’s needs and preferences, then to organize their caregiving approach to ensure they are met, and even consistently exceeding. Our community offers a vast array of amenities and activities made for our elders to enjoy their stay in. To learn more, contact Tysons’s Woods at (703) 846-0395 and speak to one of our experienced caregivers today.