The Tysons Woods Experience

  • Thank You Letter: “Thank you for making Mother’s Day so special.”

    Dear Andy, Thank you for making Mother's Day so special. Thank you for the glazed donuts and beautiful roses. Our breakfast table was decorated with beautiful roses for each of us. My rose is displayed in my table in my bedroom. My Mother's Day cards are also sitting next to the roses. Many thanks for other things: hair cuts, nail painting, flowers, food, and drinks (Smoothies with Strawberries for decoration!) Thank you, Velma M. P.S. This stationary reminds me of the many flowers you have planted and cared for at Tysons Woods.

  • “I didn’t even know such places existed”

    Upon entering the home for the first time, I was immediately disabused of my stereotypical image of an assisted living facility. Indeed this was a home for my mother in all respects.  The staff were more like an extended family, the environment warm and caring.  During my visits I not only grew to know and like my mother’s fellow residents but their family members and friends who visited. All indications were that my mother cared for everyone as well, insisting always to wave good-bye or to touch a shoulder of fellow residents and staff alike before leaving for an outing and hugging staff upon our return. During my mother’s relatively short stay, she was safe and well taken care of, which brought me peace of mind, something I was lacking prior to moving my mother to this home. My mother appreciated and I was impressed by the fact that all the staff not only endeavored, but succeeded, in pronouncing my mother’s first name, which was no easy task. I have to put in a good – excellent – word for Andy’s daughter Simona (and of course Andy herself), who happens to live in the residence.  She was the consummate loving daughter to all the residents. And her cat was a frequent subject of amusement with his aloof comings and goings and sunning himself on the furniture.  Thank you.  - J.J.

  • “Thank you very much for all of you and your team’s love and support….”

    While [my mom] was at your facility for only a short time, my father and I knew she was in the best of hands and well taken care of. Thank you very much for all of you and your team's love and support.....Thank you and your staff again for everything they have done for not only mom but helping dad and I with the transition as well. You run a 5 star operation. - Eric M.

  • “I was there almost daily for years and could not have been more impressed”

    Of course finding a new, best home for your beloved is a difficult decision. Now with the benefit of years of hindsight, I can say that having chosen Tysons Woods was  an outstanding choice. Starting from the first moment, she was welcomed and respected as an individual who had her own wishes, desires, life-stories and needs.  She was not just one more resident, she was one-of-a-kind, extraordinary and respected as such by all of the staff.   Their dedication to her and their life’s calling was  remarkable and warmed her heart — mine too. If you want to see love, appreciation and honor — oh, and add in unending politeness and graciousness  — be a visitor to Tysons Woods, it happens there seven days a week, 24 hours a day. I know this sounds too good to be true; I was there almost daily for years and could not have been more impressed.

  • “Kind, Loving, and Compassionate Care”

    Dear Andy, My Mother was a kind, loving lady who loved beautiful surroundings. During the last year of her life you provided her with a beautiful home and kind, loving and compassionate care. Thank you for allowing her to stay “at home” until her “home going”. - J.D.

  • As soon as you enter the home you immediately feel like you are welcome!

    There are not enough words to express my gratitude for Andy and the staff at Tysons Woods. They provided outstanding care for my grandmother until she made her way to her final resting place. As soon as you enter the home you immediately feel like you are welcome! The staff are friendly, professional, and provide top notch quality care in a beautiful home setting. My grandmother was not a patient in a facility, she was treated like a member of the family and Tysons Woods was her home! Thank you for what you do for those that can no longer do for themselves! - A.G.

  • The care she received was kind, gentle, thoughtful, and professional.

    My mother spent the last months of her life at Tysons Woods II. I cannot tell you how meaningful it is to me to know that her last months were such happy ones.  She was so well cared for in every way – physically and emotionally. The care she received was kind, gentle, thoughtful, and professional. I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend Tysons Woods to anyone.

  • When we first visited this home, I was impressed with Andy’s medical knowledge…

    When we first visited this home, I was impressed with Andy's medical knowledge and her gentle friendliness and graciousness towards all the residents and guests. When Mother began living there, I noticed the friendliness of Andy and its residents and the relaxing atmosphere. I also noticed Andy's thoroughness in following state-required medical protocol for assisted living facilities. I was also impressed with the prompt and thorough care she and her staff gave to Mother. If Mother had any problems, for example if she had discomfort, or pain, or if she fell, there was help for her within 30 seconds or less, at all times, day or night. I think this would not normally be the case at the large assisted living facilities, This is why I like this group home for Mother and know she is getting the best care that I know of. - B.C.

  • We treasure the comfort and safety she found at Tysons Woods.

    Even after many years of living independently, Mom was won over by the gracious home atmosphere, the attentive staff, and the friendly companionship of residents at Tysons Woods. As her daughter, I was won over, too, by the wise advice we got as we organized Mom's move and helped her feel at ease in a new environment. We treasure the comfort and safety she found at Tysons Woods. - Carol R.

  • Excellent professional and caring staff, and setting

    As a community physician who has been making house calls over the past 10+ years, I get to see many assisted living homes up close. Tysons Woods is an exceptional place. The home is modern and well kept, the staff are professional, caring and vigilant, the owner, Andy Cocito does an exceptional job of keeping everything operating in a friendly and professional matter and the oversight and attention to detail is exceptional. For a homey feel that offers privacy, comfort and caring, this is among the best out there. - Dr. Alan Dappen

  • Absolutely wonderful place – a true Godsend

    My mother (who has dementia and other medical issues) has lived at Tysons Woods since 2011. It has been an absolutely wonderful place for her. The proprietor and the staff are remarkably attentive to all of my mother's needs. The attentiveness and care that are afforded my mother on a daily basis have been especially in evidence on the two occasions when my mother has been sick - Andy and her staff literally nursed my mother back to health. The doctor that is on call (24/7) has been absolutely wonderful to work with as well (and he makes house calls!). Dementia care is tricky (I know because my mother lived with us for a number of years) - but Andy and her staff have figured out the "gold standard" of care. My mother feels safe and secure - and my husband and I say a prayer of gratitude each and every day for Andy and her staff. - M.M

  • Outstanding, Loving Care – Family Environment

    Our mother (now 98, with fairly advanced dementia) has lived at Tysons Woods for over 4 years, and we are EXTREMELY glad that she does. The staff and owner/manager truly know our mom (and each of the residents) very well, and give such excellent care (and loving gestures like getting her favorite Hershey bars) very much geared to her specific needs. We feel totally secure, knowing that staff are always very close by, so that when Mom has stumbled or needed help, they’ve responded within seconds or minutes. We appreciate their approach, which is that the group of us family members, Tysons Woods staff, doctor, nurse, physical therapist – we are all together Mom’s caregiving team – and we are always in close communication with each other – Highly recommend Tysons Woods! - B.C.

  • Best place ever

    My mother has lived at Tysons Woods, for 18 months,until she passed on Dec. 2012, she was treated with dignity but specially with LOVE,everyone involved, was extremely helpful and attentive, the facility is OUTSTANDING, the owner and personnel are the BEST, I could never thank them enough.