Small Assisted Living Homes in Vienna

Dedicated Senior Living and End of Live Care in Vienna

Our Tysons Woods Assisted Living facilities house a maximum of eight residents. Keeping our assisted living communities so small allows our community members to develop close relationships with their caretakers as well as with one another. These personal connections are part of the supportive and social environment that is a family, and which promotes well being and a high quality of life.

We understand that physical and intellectual engagement are both vital to the health and happiness of our residents. We put a great deal of thought into the activities and social opportunities that we plan, and our small community setting allows us to customize both activities and their schedules to the daily routine and preferences of our residents. For patients with dementia, we organize a formal or more structured program designed to better meet their needs.

ps9Personalized, Compassionate Care

Smaller communities mean that each individual resident receives personally tailored attention and care. The small number of residents that we can house enables our staff to become familiar with each guest personally, and to learn their needs and preference. This benefit also translates into a more dynamic daily routine: we can adapt to the needs of our residents easily, without impacting the schedule of others. This means that we aren’t constrained by the rigidity that one might encounter at a larger facility. Our Tysons Woods Assisted Living end of life care housing is a good example of our ethos of compassion: personalized care is our goal.

Atps10 the phenomenally low staff to resident ratio of 1 to 4, our caretakers quickly become familiar with the mental and physical health and characteristics of our new residents. This allows them to pick up on minor changes that might have otherwise been missed at larger facilities. From medical emergencies to minor discomforts, our staff has the training and resources to address every situation quickly and professionally.