How to Show Appreciation for Your Elders

by October 19, 2022

Some of the kindest things you can do for elderly loved ones are also the easiest to forget: asking for their advice, showing them courtesy, sharing meals with them, and more. We may see such acts as minor or inconsequential; however, seniors—especially those in a living or hospice care facility—often regard them as moving in a way words fail to express. Plus, sharing love and appreciation for your older family members will increase your empathy and help you better recognize and care for their needs.

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Below, we describe several ways you can share appreciation with your elders:

Ask for Advice and Actively Listen

Seniors’ roles in society have changed drastically over time. For instance, traditional Indigenous and African cultures treated elders as sources of wisdom and guidance. These figureheads often educated their family members and played mediators in conflict resolution. Yet modern American culture often treats elders as burdens or outright ignores them.

Nevertheless, you can still turn to your senior loved ones for advice. Strike up a conversation face-to-face or over the phone and listen to their experiences. You may learn some unexpected details about your family while growing closer to your elder. Plus, such conversations can help fill the emotional space that the loss of friends or a spouse has left in your loved one’s life.

Most important of all, actively listen to your senior. Ask questions and seek clarification during your conversations. Make the interactions personable to deepen their emotional weight and import. We recommend, for example, having such a conversation about your loved one’s health needs so you can identify an ideal assisted living community for their care.

Display Courtesy, Respect, and Appreciation

Virtually everyone respects and appreciates their elders. But how often do we express those feelings? Such actions can carry significant emotional weight, even if your time with senior loved ones is limited. You can compliment, send kind notes, or observe proper manners around your elder. Respect and appreciation need not involve conspicuous acts—your demeanor can convey them.

Share Meals

An effective way to show appreciation for your elders is by sharing a meal. You might use this opportunity to express your love and warmth face-to-face, but the interaction alone can convey such feelings. Indeed, meals have played such a role in human society for centuries.

You and your family could organize a formal luncheon at a restaurant with your senior if you wish. However, a relaxed picnic in a park or coffee shop might suit you better. Either way, seek foods that support your senior’s health and well-being.

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Learn About Their Heritage, History, and Traditions

As a counterpart to asking for advice, speak with your elders about your family heritage, history, and traditions. Their perspective on past events, which may pull from firsthand experience, can help you understand your roots in new and exciting ways. Plus, you may learn about familial customs you want to bring back and enjoy.

Furthermore, seniors—like almost everyone—enjoy sharing their knowledge, particularly with those younger than them. Speaking as an authority on a topic can boost mood. You might try calling or video-chatting with your senior if you live far from them.

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Showing appreciation and love for elders often entails simple actions and honest communication. We need only make time in our lives to do so. The professional team at Tysons Woods can help keep your elders comfortable with our daily living and hospice care facilities, open to seniors throughout McLean, VA. For more information or to set up an appointment, call us at (703) 846-0395 or visit our website today!