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The Differences Between Nursing Homes & Assisted Living

by September 15, 2021

Many differences exist between nursing homes and assisted living facilities, such as the levels of medical assistance, freedom of movement around the premises, their overall cost, and much more. By understanding these differences, you are better informed and can choose the option that suits your elderly loved one’s needs. In many cases, families find that comfortable assisted living facilities are the right fit. 

Among the top assisted living facilities in Tysons, VA, is Tysons Woods Assisted Living. Our facility comes fully staffed with trained and licensed nurses that provide quality care to our senior residents. We provide thorough medical services tailored for each resident by our pre-admission assessments, which allow us to form a profile of your loved one’s needs.

Below, we describe the differences between assisted living facilities and nursing homes: 

1. Living Areas

One of the primary differences between assisted living facilities and nursing homes is the organization of residents’ living spaces. A nursing home is a medical environment, with staff and facilities in place to provide treatment for each resident’s chronic conditions. Those residents live in private or shared rooms–akin to hospital suites–with shared common areas and limited outdoor spaces. 

On the other hand, an assisted living facility has a residential environment. It’s designed as a comfortable, domestic space for seniors to maintain their independence—though some may be equipped to provide medical assistance. Assisted living residents receive private or shared quarters that may also have private bathrooms, kitchenettes, and open outdoor spaces. 

2. Caregiving

Another distinction between facilities is the extent of caregiving that each provides to its residents. Nursing homes, for instance, have a staff of skilled nurses that provide round-the-clock medical care.

Meanwhile, assisted living facilities have staff that provides personalized care for each resident, which may not involve medical treatment. However, at Tysons Woods, we always have medical care support available for our residents, especially for those who need around-the-clock care.

3. Activities

Another big difference between nursing homes and assisted living facilities is the activities they provide to their residents. Nursing homes are more strict and limited in what they do, as their patients often must stay indoors so they are properly assisted throughout their day. 

However, assisted living facilities provide many recreational indoor and outdoor activities to their residents, along with transportation to fun locations and events outside the community. 

4. Costs

Finally, nursing homes and assisted living facilities differ greatly in costs. According to the American Health Care Association (AHCA), the cost of a shared or private room in a nursing home often costs over twice as much as a place in an assisted living community. 

More specifically, the annual cost of a room in a nursing home would be around $89,000, while a room within an assisted living facility would cost around $48,000 a year. These differences in cost don’t necessarily reflect the quality of care of the facilities your loved one may reside in, but rather the range of care services available to them. 

Since nursing homes involve covering the residential and medical needs of their residents, their costs are going to be higher. In any case, what truly matters in understanding these differences is knowing which best suits your elder’s needs and preferences. 

Top-Quality Assisted Living Facilities at Tysons Woods of Tysons, VA

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