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On Pre-Assessing Seniors for Assisted Living

by August 18, 2021

The transition into an assisted living situation can be difficult for both seniors and their loved ones. Oftentimes, it’s a move into the unknown, which forces families to wonder how their lives will change. However, the knowledge that an assisted living facility provides all-inclusive senior care can assuage some concerns. To optimize that care, many facilities conduct an assessment of new admissions before they move in. 

If you have a loved one who could benefit from a senior care facility’s services, reach out to Tysons Woods Assisted Living. We offer elder care services and support for seniors throughout Arlington, VA, and the surrounding region. Our caregiving and management team seeks to provide our residents with a comfortable home to enjoy their retirement in. With a pre-admission assessment, we personalize the care every resident receives. If you want to give your senior medical support and a wholesome home, reach out to us and learn more about our options today.

Below, we discuss the reasons for pre-assessments and what our assessment looks for:

Why Do Seniors Need Pre-Admission Assessment?

Seniors generally move into a retirement community, or assisted living facility, because they require daily care. Whether that entails mobility support or complex medical services, the environment provides for them. Thus, the community or facility personnel must determine the extent of every resident’s needs.

Once they have identified those needs, the facility’s staff can provide the appropriate services. Doing so removes the burden of care from the residents’ families and puts it in a professional’s hands. Moreover, an initial assessment (and follow-up ones) can identify latent issues that the resident was unaware of or unable to address.

We know that deciding whether to place a loved one into assisted living is fraught with questions and complications. Nevertheless, a pre-admission assessment eases the transition and ensures that your loved one receives the care they need. 

Common Assessment Topics

Generally, a pre-assessment consists of questions designed to identify the new resident’s condition and needs. These interviews require candor—for the facility’s staff to properly care for your loved one, you must provide comprehensive information. The questions will cover:

  • Behavior – specifically, personnel want to check that your senior can comply with the facility’s policies and adhere to its daily routine. They can also get an idea about your senior’s emotional health.

  • Mental state – what are your senior’s cognitive abilities? Would they benefit from memory care for dementia or Alzheimer’s? Does their condition affect their emotions or reactions?

  • Medical needs – this information will require medical documentation, so you should bring it to the assessment. Questions will investigate existing medical conditions and specific symptoms. Staff will also ask about basic care practices, including medications and/or physical therapy.

  • Hygiene and personal care – as they age, many seniors lose mobility and struggle with their everyday care. When informed of these limitations, staff can provide support for afflicted seniors.

  • Special support – where “medical needs” cover general services, “special support” refers to irregular requirements. Examples include special diet, oxygen assistance, and mobility concerns, among others.

What Does Tysons Woods Look for in Pre-Assessments?

The Tysons Woods pre-admission assessment covers the materials outlined above, as they all affect your senior’s lifestyle at our facilities. We want to personalize their care as they need, whether that includes physical, mental, or emotional components. 

Moreover, we believe that our living amenities enrich the lives of our residents. Home-cooked meals, personal suites, and outdoor spaces allow our residents to enjoy the same activities they practiced before moving in.

All-Inclusive Senior Care Services Available to Arlington, VA, Residents

Moving to assisted living can be quite an upheaval for seniors. So, to ensure they receive the benefits of our all-inclusive senior care, Tysons Woods conducts thorough pre-admission assessments. Your loved one can live in comfort, independently, among residents from Arlington, VA, and the surrounding area. Our caregivers meet their physical and mental needs to help them enjoy their time here. Give us a call today at (703) 846-0395 or fill out our online form to learn more about our facilities and services.