Aspects of Hospice Care for Seniors

by July 14, 2021

What distinguishes hospice care from other care services is its focus on caring rather than curing. Also called “end of life care,” professional hospice support provides comfort and compassion to people nearing their end. Given its delicate nature, hospice deserves a close look and an explanation of its functioning, team members, financing, and more. 

If you need hospice services in or around Tysons, VA, reach out to Tysons Woods Assisted Living. We are a small assisted living community that serves patients from around the region. At our two facilities, residents enjoy a comfortable and safe environment complete with comprehensive care and support. We encourage people considering our services to check out our website for more information. If our facilities appeal to you, schedule a visit and see firsthand whether they would suit you or your loved one.

Below, we outline some key features of hospice care to clarify its details:

How Does Hospice Care Work and Where Does It Occur?

Although each hospice patient’s plan of care adapts to their needs, they are generally guided by the patient’s family. The family will design that plan with a hospice team, the goal of which is to manage the patient’s symptoms. Usually, this goal requires round-the-clock supervision, which occurs at either a hospice facility or the patient’s home.

At Tysons Woods, we recognize four levels of hospice care: general inpatient, sustained home, regular home, and respite care. Each care level responds to distinct patient needs; you must work with our staff to determine which would suit your loved one. 

Who Makes Up the Hospice Team?

Although it varies from person to person, the hospice team generally consists of several key figures. These include the patient’s primary care physician, a hospice physician, hospice nurses, counselors or bereavement professionals, and trained volunteers. 

At Tysons Woods, we employ hospice nurses with specific training and expertise in this care. Doing so ensures that our hospice patients receive the sensitive and respectful attendance that they deserve. Plus, hospice nurses remain on-site 24/7 to ensure their patients’ needs are met. 

What Services Does Hospice Care Include?

Having considered hospice care’s levels and purpose, we can look closer at its specific services and treatments. As we’ve mentioned before, these revolve around making the patient comfortable. Thus, they can include:

  • Helping patients manage pain and symptoms through medication and treatment
  • Facilitating the patients’ emotional and spiritual transition
  • Providing the requisite medical care prescribed by doctors
  • Showing family how to help care for the patient (in-home care)
  • Administering physical, speech, or even art therapy as prescribed
  • Offering bereavement support to the patient’s family and friends

When is Hospice Care Called For?

Hospice can come into play whenever someone has a terminal illness. Thus, it applies to several potential ailments so long as that condition is life-threatening. Indeed, most sources of compensation will look for a prognosis of 6 months or less

Speaking of which, the question of how hospice is covered often arises. Compensation can come from a variety of sources, though insurance coverage and Medicare remain the most common. Veteran’s Aid and Attendance is available for armed forces veterans and their spouses. We discuss further options for funding hospice care on our website.

Thoughtful Hospice Support Services Available in Tysons, VA

Everyone wants the best for their loved ones, especially as the latter near the end of their lives. So, if you’re looking for hospice support services around Tysons, VA, reach out to Tysons Woods Assisted Living. We are a welcoming assisted living community with two facilities, open to seniors throughout the region. Staffed by a dedicated team of nurses, Tysons Woods affords a free-living lifestyle supplemented with comprehensive care. If you’re interested in learning more, call us today at (703) 846-0395 or fill out our online form.