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Tips for Healthy Aging for Elders

by June 16, 2021

Maintaining one’s health should be a lifelong practice, but it’s also one that you can start at any point, including your golden years. There are many things you can do yourself or with a loved one to foster a lifestyle of health and wellness. Even reliable elder assisted living facilities provide programs and activities to ensure your loved one can maintain their well-being.  

Tysons Woods Assisted Living is a trusted assisted living facility that provides excellent elder care to seniors from across Tysons, VA, and Northern Virginia. Unlike nursing homes, we provide our residents with private suites as well as spaces to spend time alone or with fellow residents. Our trained staff is available 24/7 to assist residents with anything they want or need. If you want to join an assisted living facility, Tysons Woods is among the best in Northern Virginia. 

Below, we list several tips for elders to stay healthy:

Keep in Touch

The recent pandemic was especially hard for elderly family members, as they were most at risk of illness. Many seniors were isolated from their friends and families to protect their health. However, this resulted in many developing depression and anxiety, which can deeply affect their mental and physical condition.

These recent events and their effects indicate the importance of interacting with others consistently. It not only ensures the quality of one’s mental health but also improves their physical health. 

To this end, make sure someone speaks with your senior loved one daily. Visits should also occur regularly, even if you have to practice social distancing. 

Stay as Active as Possible

While this is an obvious tip, it’s still worth mentioning. Even while most heavy-duty exercises like weight lifting and long-distance running may be difficult for most seniors, there are still many ways for your elder to stay active. Low-impact aerobics daily walks outdoors and swimming are just a few examples we can name. 

The point is that even as an elder, one should have a fitness routine, keeping their muscles engaged and their heating pumping, as that will ensure they sustain a clean bill of health and high quality of life. 

Staying active also helps boost the immune system, which helps fight off infections, and thus reduces the chances and severity of most illnesses an elderly person may face.    

Have a Healthy Diet

Another well-known tip, eating healthy along with exercise never steers one wrong no matter what age you are. A good diet that includes plenty of fruits, vegetables, and lean meats ensures the body gets all the nutrients it needs, keeping your elder filled with energy and their immune system strong. 

On the other hand, elders should also limit the amount of sugary and fatty foods they consume, as well as alcohol, as they can cause inflammation in the body and weaken the immune system, making them more susceptible to illness and giving them a great deal of discomfort.  

Get Regular Check-Ups

Finally, we recommend to seniors that they get regular check-ups with their primary physician at least once a year to determine the present quality of their health. Of course, if there are any concerns a senior feels regarding their health, they should also speak with their doctor as soon as possible. 

An elder visiting their doctor for regular checkups simply ensures they get a regular diagnosis of any developing diseases that they should change their habits towards preventing, or of any they now have that they have to start managing to avoid any further fatal medical conditions. 

Tysons Woods: Trusted Elder Assisted Living in Tysons, VA 

There are all sorts of things one should do to maintain a healthy lifestyle, even in their elder age. At Tysons Woods, we seek to help our senior residents have a physically and socially active way of life, ensuring they are both comfortable and happy. Our distinguished elder assisted living facility, located in Tysons, VA, has been among the best due to our dedicated staff, the supportive environment they produce, and the personalized care we serve to your elder loved one. Contact us at (703) 846-0395 to learn more about Tysons Woods’s facilities and amenities and how we can help your loved one live happily and healthily.