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Life Enrichment at Tysons Woods Assisted Living

by April 13, 2021

Living in a place other than the home you know and love can be nerve-racking. But many aging adults cannot live alone without daily assistance. Thus, joining a supportive assisted senior living community ensures that you receive the personalized assistance you need as well as a healthy amount of independence. 

Tysons Woods Assisted Living is a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable senior community for seniors throughout Tysons, VA. Our facilities provide round-the-clock care for residents as well as an array of amenities to ensure that their needs and wishes are met. 

Here are 4 life-enriching amenities offered at Tysons Woods:

  • Home-Cooked Meals
    One popular and enjoyable service we provide is our cuisine: home-cooked meals made by our founder, Andy Cocito. Each meal caters to residents’ various dietary restrictions while also providing nutritious and delicious sustenance.

    Few other things can make one feel more at home than a fresh, gourmet meal. That’s why we include it in our service package for all residents.  
  • Private Outdoor Spaces
    We also encourage our residents to spend time outside in our private outdoor spaces. We have a fenced area for residents to take a stroll or enjoy a family picnic in.

    We also offer a spacious screened-in deck that is well furnished. It’s the perfect place to enjoy early breakfasts, lazy afternoons, and cool evenings sitting outdoors.

    Finally, we also provide a private gardening space, giving you the chance to enjoy growing your plants and vegetables. We make sure the outdoors remains accessible and comfortable for our residents to enjoy.  
  • Personal Suites & Independence
    At Tysons Woods, we also do our best to strike a decent balance in our assistive care while maintaining a sense of independent living for seniors living in our facility. Part of this is providing private suites to each senior, including their bathroom inside.

    These ensure that each resident has their own living space where they can spend time alone or with their families, where they can perform their routines, and enjoy their hobbies. We also include emergency call systems to ensure they can get the assistance they need if it ever arises.   
  • Comprehensive Care
    Finally, Tysons Woods is an assisted living facility that focuses on providing daily top-notch care for our residents by having trained nurses on staff with experience in providing quality caregiving for seniors with chronic conditions and memory disorders such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.

    Our nurses are efficient with medication management, ensuring that you take your medicine on time with the right dose and through the proper methods. You will also be able to meet with more physicians and specialists for any of your healthcare needs. The health and wellness of our residents are among our top priorities at Tysons Woods.   

Tysons Woods: Quality Assisted Senior Living Community in Tysons, VA

Among the best and most balanced forms of elder care is in joining a private assisted living facility like Tysons Woods. We have shaped our facility into something more like a comfortable assisted senior living community for aging adults across Tysons, VA, and Northern Virginia. Our focus is on ensuring your health and wellness, but also your quality of life and personal independence. Our expert caregivers are on staff to ensure you have the assistance you need when you need it. Our loving founder, Andy Cocito, works to ensure our facility acts more as a home than a hospice. Contact us today at (703) 846-0395 to learn more about our assisted living facility or read our FAQs.