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What Do Hospice Care Nurses Do?

by October 27, 2020

Seeing your aging loved one go through the many challenges near the end of their life is an emotional time, especially if they’re in need of hospice support. You can trust our experienced care team at Tysons Woods to provide the hospice support your loved one needs to live a comfortable life.

At Tysons Woods Assisted Living, our end of life care includes the most comprehensive and personalized hospice support services. As a family-owned and operated business, we value the relationships we build with our residents and treat them as our own loved ones. To give you a better idea of what hospice nurses do, here are the many roles they take on below:

Intake Admission Nurse

Before an elder receives hospice support, they must first go through an intake admission process. A hospice intake admission nurse will review the elder’s medical charts and explain the hospice process with their family.

During this process, the intake admission nurse will go over the level of hospice care support the elder requires. Once this has been established, the hospice nurse will coordinate care between different team members, which may include doctors, nurses, therapists, and dietitians. At this step, payment for care support can also be determined.

Case Manager Nurse

Case manager hospice nurses are in charge of assessing and managing a senior’s overall plan of care. They complete an assessment of the elder’s needs and fill out hospice physician orders for any particular medication and equipment that’s required for their care. They also take the time to learn what tasks their family will be in charge of and tasks the elder will need additional support with.

Case manager nurses regularly visit the elder and teach them what they will need to start doing on their own, acknowledge and accept support, and ask for help. On another hand, this nurse will help cultivate trust and permit the continuity of care.

Visit Nurse

When an elder’s case manager is not available, a visit nurse will assist them with their immediate needs and routine care. In other assisted living facilities, hospice visit nurses are on call after regular hours to support any urgent needs and sometimes to attend deaths.

At Tysons Woods, our hospice care team is always on-site 24/7 so your loved one can receive emotional and physical support at any time throughout the day.

Triage Nurse

Hospice triage nurses are available to take phone calls from the elder’s family members. In some cases when an elder is living alone, triage nurses will assess their situation and provide instruction for how to approach their symptoms or perform medical treatment.

Triage nurses may consult with an elder’s hospice physician and then reach out to the case manager or available visit nurse if a visit is necessary. However, at Tysons Woods, your loved one can have the comfort of knowing support is nearby as our team stays onsite while allowing them the independence to live comfortably.

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Our mission at Tysons Woods Assisted Living is to provide the warm, loving-environment, and comprehensive care, such as hospice support services, that your loved one needs. We are happy to provide you and your loved one with our policies and procedures to ensure your family is confident in our practices. We understand that having your loved one go through hospice support isn’t an easy decision, but we provide them with the love and care they deserve.

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