How to Stay Connected During A Pandemic

by August 3, 2020

The SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) pandemic has given us back-to-back challenges such as balancing professional and familial responsibilities. Whether your elder is living with you or not and they require additional support, it is okay to accept that you aren’t able to provide the support they need. It isn’t selfish, and you shouldn’t feel guilty about it, but it is important to discuss with them whether they would like to live in an assisted living community near Ashburn, VA, that can provide for their specific needs as often as they need it.

Tysons Woods is prepared to provide the elder care support your loved one needs during this challenging time. As Northern Virginia’s most trusted senior assisted living community, we are proud to continue offering individualized services and compassionate care to your family and friends. We’re experienced and family-owned, and we treat your elders like our very own.

Here are a few activities we recommend to help you and your elders stay connected during the pandemic:

Chat With Them Over The Phone

As reported by the University of Michigan-AARP, many older adults between ages 50 and 80 experience feelings of loneliness and lack of companionship.

To help your elder cope with these feelings more easily, try calling and catching up with them over the phone more often. It’s a small gesture that goes a long way and will help them feel less socially isolated.

Visit Them Virtually or by Window

While social distancing orders are still in place, many families and close friends have been getting creative and visiting their loved ones through video chat or with a transparent barrier in between them.

Here are a few video calling apps that allow you to make calls for free:

Take a Virtual Tour

Many museums and organizations are currently offering virtual tours for your convenience during the pandemic. Explore Machu Picchu or tour the Louvre Museum’s many exhibition rooms and galleries in Paris at a time that’s most convenient for you both!

If you’re looking for something a little closer to home in the D.C. Metro area region, then here are a few others that we recommend as well:

Video chat while you screen share your virtual tour experience, so you and your loved one can freely discuss the many exhibits and artifacts on display.

Request Additional Elder Care Support

While many people are worried about exposing their loved ones to coronavirus, some have kept their professional health aides from entering their homes, and working from home and caring for a sick loved one who needs attention is a challenging routine to balance.

Your loved ones are probably just as stressed as you, but it’s important to have a discussion with them on what their options are if you are unable to provide the support they need at this time.

Tysons Woods Assisted Living can help you and give your loved one the level of companionship and care they need in a completely safe environment with routine cleanings and disinfection.

Start New at Our Assisted Senior Living Community Near Ashburn, VA!

Tysons Woods is doing our part by adhering to CDC guidelines to keep our residents, staff, and community safe. Our senior assisted living community is prepared and ready to accept new residents. We are proud to offer an independent lifestyle to elders and can accommodate their changing needs as they age. Even during a pandemic, you can rely on our team to support your loved one’s needs.

Call our assisted living community at (703) 846-0395 to learn more about our safety protocols and procedures at this time.