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Tips for Choosing Assisted Living for Aging Loved Ones

by July 6, 2020

Moving a loved one into assisted living is an emotionally charged and difficult process. Even when it is necessary for his or her comfort and safety, this process is fraught with challenges and questions. Thus, it’s important to work with them and find the right facility that suits his or her needs and preferences.

Tysons Woods Assisted Living is a tight-knit community with a staff that’s devoted to providing companionship and high-quality personal senior care. For elders and their families throughout Falls Church and Northern Virginia, we provide comfortable living spaces, round-the-clock nursing care, and excellent amenities and activities.

Here, we offer some tips on selecting the right assisted living facility for your elderly loved one:

Determine Your Elder’s Expectations

The first thing you should do is ask your loved one about his or her expectations for an assisted living facility. Where does he or she want to live? What amenities would he or she like? What kind of activities would he or she want to do while they live there?

The answers will help you decide on a reasonable set of assisted living facilities to investigate further.

Research The Facility & Staff

Next, start researching the potential facilities you and your loved one have decided on. Look online, call/email for more information, or visit and tour the area.

Specifically, ask about or check on the staff-to-resident ratio, as that often determines the quality of care residents will likely receive. The fewer residents assigned to each nurse, the more attention that staff member can give to your loved one (though this benefit will likely come with a higher expense than other care facilities).

Also, look into whether the staff can respond to sudden medical emergencies if they have a doctor on staff or one nearby that they can contact, as well as 24-hour assistance with daily living activities, such as chores, eating, bathing, and so on.

Check the Facility’s Living Spaces

After learning about the staff’s capabilities and potential quality of care, you may have an idea of which assisted living facilities are right for your loved one. So now, you should browse those facilities to decide on the ideal living space.

Look into the different kinds of suites or apartments each facility offers, the monthly costs of each (which will depend on whether they are private or shared), and whether they come fully or partially furnished. Compare the amenities they provide and the restrictions they have.

All this, along with your loved one’s expectations and the reputed quality of care, should bring you close to finding the right place for your elderly family member to live safely and comfortably.

Tysons Woods: Professional Personal Senior Care in Falls Church, VA

The above aspects are just some of what you should look for when seeking the right assisted living community for your loved one. At Tysons Woods, we offer a more independent lifestyle to residents within our community. We provide 24/7 security and nursing assistance, as well as comprehensive amenities and enjoyable activities, to ensure your loved one receives the best care and comfort during his or her time with us.

Our nursing staff has a low turnover rate, which means that your elder will also have tailored personal senior care from the same nurses he or she meets on the first day. What sets apart our communities from others is how much we dedicate ourselves to providing each of our residents the privacy and independence they deserve.

Contact us at (703) 846-0395 for more information about our assisted living communities.