Great Ways to Keep Elders Engaged and Active

by January 1, 2020

Staying active is important in every phase of life, but even more so for elders, as it has been proven to improve health and slow aging. Remaining active and engaged in your senior years can make you healthier, happier, and can reduce injury, depression, and anxiety. In contrast, remaining isolated and alone can be especially detrimental to elders, as these conditions can further accelerate dementia.

At Tysons Woods, our dedicated staff has spent over fifteen years working with families in taking care of their beloved elders. Our goal is to provide personalized all-inclusive elder care services to families in Vienna, VA, as well as throughout Northern Virginia. In order to ensure they age gracefully and with fewer worries, we suggest learning and helping your loved ones find ways to keep them up and moving, as well interacting with others, as much as possible.

If you need tips on starting such conversations, read our blog How to Talk to Your Elders About Aging. However, here are some of ways for them to stay active that we recommend your loved one should try:


Exercise is the best way to be active and stay healthy. Seniors get countless benefits from exercise, including improved heart health, increased bone density, and improved circulation, just to name a few. Though exercise might sound daunting to elders, there are many ways for them to workout during their day, such as taking daily walks.

Spending time outdoors and keeping yourself moving is highly-beneficial, both mentally and physically. Further benefits are added once you include a social aspect to your walk by going with a family member or friend. Moreover, most assisted living communities offer exercise classes tailored specifically for seniors, which is another great way to get exercise and social interaction. These include water and chair aerobics, which are especially helpful for seniors with limited mobility.


Gardening is a great activity to work into a senior’s daily life.  It is a productive and enjoyable hobby that helps give elders a sense of worth. Taking care of and nurturing something can provide individuals with a feeling of satisfaction, confidence, and interdependence with their environment. It also gives them something to be proud of by adding beauty to their landscape.

Interest Groups

If gardening more than just piques the interests of your elderly loved one, perhaps you can recommend that they join a club or group that exists solely for that interest. Look for gardening clubs or a community garden for them to participate in. However, it doesn’t have to be limited to gardening. If your seniors have other interests, try to find a group with other like minded people.

Book clubs, veteran clubs, bingo and card clubs are all fantastic ways to keep your loved one socializing and spending time with others. Additionally, consistently challenging actions such as reading and playing games can also help them stay sharp and improve their memory retention.

Around the House

For elders staying at home with you, it is recommended to ensure their independence by giving them tasks of their own to do around the house. If they can, encourage them to do essential chores and tasks, like helping you do the laundry, clean the dishes, and sweep the floors. Maintaining their space might seem insignificant but will get them moving and give them a sense of purpose and pride.

Cooking is a great activity to do around the house with them. It is something they can do alone for themselves or for their family and friends. They can also take cooking classes, which provides them a routine schedule, as well as potentially new experiences with various cooking techniques and dishes they’ve never tried before. Cooking with family also provides the opportunity to share recipes, which has been a wonderful pastime in countless homes throughout history. We all have at least one famous recipe taught to us by our grandparents.

Tysons Woods Assisted Living: Excellent All-Inclusive Elder Care in Vienna, VA

Our elders deserve all the benefits of being active and social, as well as feeling comfort and enjoyment, in their daily lives. At Tysons Woods Assisted Living, our focus is on providing these very elements in the routines of our residents. We provide individualized all-inclusive elder care services for your loved ones, including numerous activities and programs throughout the day and private suites maximized to ensure comfort, safety and independence. Our supportive staff helps your loved one maintain a healthy, dynamic daily routine, as well as provide nutritious meals and 24/7 assistance with any task. Contact us at 703-846-0395 for more information about our services and to learn more about our facility.