How to Balance Support & Senior Independence

by December 2, 2019

Though we want to provide support to our elders to make their lives easier, how do you determine how much help is too much? It is essential that we find a balance so that our eagerness does not hinder our elders from being independent. At Tysons Woods, we are dedicated to providing personalized elder assisted living care to residents in the Northern Virginia area. Our experienced caretakers are able to develop close relationships with your loved one, while also helping them grow their self-confidence and independence. Below are some ways that you can give your loved one support while also encouraging them to be independent.

Communication is Key

Communication between you and your elder is important to maintain, especially before they need assistance. It is vital to have a conversation about the changes that will occur as they get older. Tell them the honest truth and be realistic about their future, this will help them prepare for their changes to come.

Take a Step Back and Assess the Situation

There may be times where we notice that our senior may need help accomplishing daily tasks. Before you step in, take time to assess the situation. If the situation doesn’t seem too dire, then you may want to let your elders try and handle it themselves.

Build on their Abilities

To boost your elderly loved ones’ independence while also supporting them, focus on their current abilities. As they accomplish many tasks and activities independently, your senior preserves those abilities as well as boosts their self-esteem.

Empower Them

The most vital thing that you can do to support your loved one is empower them. Remind them that the purpose of aid is to encourage them to do what they want, safely. One example of this is the utilization of the cane. A cane allows the person to walk further than they would without one.

Tysons Woods Assisted Living: Dependable Elder Assisted Living in Northern Virginia

If you are looking for a reliable elder assisted living community that will support your loved one while helping them build their independence, contact Tysons Woods. Our close-knit environment provides a free living lifestyle experience while also receiving the personal care your loved one needs. As a family-owned assisted living facility that treats your family as if they were our own, your worries could ease this holiday season, knowing your loved one is well taken care of.

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