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5 Reasons Why Seniors Prefer Assisted Living Communities Today

by May 16, 2019

If you’re considering assisted living, it is important to take into consideration the different features and amenities offered when selecting the right assisted living facility for you your loved one. As we know that your loved one’s safety is a major concern as well as the level of care they are receiving, our big-hearted assisted living community Vienna, VA, will put your mind at ease.


Here at Tysons Woods Assisted Living, we offer senior living communities in Northern Virginia that are devoted to delivering quality care and personalized assistance for our residents and facility. As we are a small living community, we are devoted to developing a close-knit family community among our residents. We offer many amenities for our residents to ensure your loved one enjoys their time at our community.

We have gathered the top five reasons why seniors prefer senior living communities:

1. An End to Potentially Dangerous Activities

As we age our abilities to do certain tasks may become more difficult. One of the many things that can become difficult is driving and maintaining their homes. These activities can cause seniors to have more stress and as they age these could become potentially dangerous. At assisted living communities, residents can take advantage of the free transportation provided to eliminate the stress and dangers of driving. Another advantage of living in a smaller community is that they no longer have to worry about maintaining their homes or yards which eliminates the potential health risks of performing those activities.

2. High-Quality Food

Many seniors that are used to living alone and may not be eating healthy or receiving proper nutrition. At senior living communities, residents don’t have to worry about grocery shopping or meal preparation. Instead, At Tysons Woods,we ensure quality and well-balanced meals for our residents. We serve gourmet home cooked meals within our all-inclusive pricing and any dietary restrictions are accommodated. It’s common for new residents to experience improvements in their health and well-being from eating healthy in our community.

3. Safe & Secure

There are vast numbers of seniors living alone in unsafe or unhealthy situations who would benefit immensely from life in a senior community. Residents at Tysons Woods can rest easy knowing that they are safe and secure. Our residents enjoy the peace of mind that comes from our 24/7 staff, security, and emergency call systems that are in each private suite. This ensures the safety of your loved ones and alleviates any fears about falling, becoming trapped, or injured.

4. Improved Family Relationships

When living alone, many seniors frequently become dependent on their grown children, or other family members, for all kinds of help. These unnatural role reversals can strain relationships and foster unhealthy feelings of resentment, both by parents and their children. This stress can be elevated by moving into an assisted living facility where adults can receive the help they need while maintaining their freedom.

5. Activities Galore

Older adults who live alone often become isolated and stuck in their routine, which is unhealthy at any age. At senior communities, they have the opportunity to make friends and share a meal with them. They also offer a wealth of opportunities to residents to keep their minds sharp and engaged. At Tysons Woods, our care team take the time to create activities and events in our communities to help residents feel more at home. Activities can range from games like bridge, chess, poker, or engaging reading groups. Residents will never be bored at our senior living community, there will always be something for everyone.

Trust Tysons Woods Senior Living Community in Northern Virginia For Senior Care

If you are interested in learning about assisted living communities in your area, contact Tysons Woods. Compared to many larger assisted living facilities, our senior living community provides a more close-knit environment, as residents can experience a free living lifestyle while receiving the personal care they deserve. As a family-owned assisted living facility, we treat your family as our own.  

Here at Tysons Woods in Northern Virginia, our goal is to make sure the patients feel safe and comfortable with the care we provide. Contact us at (703) 846-0395 or online for more information.