Why Assisted Living is a Great Choice for Seniors

by April 1, 2019

As your loved ones age, they may experience more difficulties in getting around and managing their medication schedules. If your loved ones have reached this point in their lives and are unable to get help around the clock, then it may be time to look into transitioning them into a trusted assisted living home in the Arlington, VA area.


At Tysons Woods Assisted Living Homes in Vienna, VA, you can find the highest-level of care your love one needs to live a quality life. Our team has professional training and experience with a variety of mental and physical conditions to provide the best care to your family members. You will be able to rely on us to give the proper care that’s personalized to their needs. To help your family decide whether a small assisted living home is the right choice, below are a few of the reasons why assisted living can be beneficial to your loved ones.

All-Inclusive care

With assisted living homes, residents are provided with day-to-day care including housekeeping services, laundry services, custom routines, transportation and much more. In addition to this, medical care is provided with on-call nurses, hospice treatments, physical therapy, and more. All-inclusive care provides you with the reassurance that your loved ones are in good hands.

Private Suites & Facilities

Once your family member has reached a certain age, getting around the house may not be as easy as it once was. Climbing the stairs becomes more of a hassle than a luxury within a larger home. By downsizing into a private suite in an assisted living facility, your loved one will be able to easily move through each room freely with professional care assistance nearby. What’s also provided at assisted living facilities are fenced outdoor areas, gardening plots, and spacious common areas for an even more comfortable environment.

Friendly Community

At assisted living homes, your loved one can find a sense of community with residents of like-minded individuals, which alleviates any feelings of loneliness that are often associated with living in an assisted living facility. With regularly scheduled activities, residents can easily stay busy, active, and possibly pick up a new hobby with other residents as well!

Northern VA Assisted Living Homes: Move Your Loved One into Tysons Woods Today!

When transitioning into an assisted living home from your home in Arlington, our team at Tysons Woods in Northern Virginia wants the entire process to be as smooth as possible for everyone in your family. If you are unable to provide the care your loved one needs, choosing a reliable and experienced assisted living facility that has a safe and clean environment is of the utmost importance. We understand this can be a challenging decision and our team at Tysons Woods can guide you and your loved one through each step of the process to make it simple.

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