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Why You Should Consider An Assisted Living Facility in Fairfax, VA

by January 4, 2019

Our loved ones hold much value in our lives and we do what we can to care for them. For our elderly loved ones, we do as much as we can since, often times, they have provided so much for us throughout our lives. It becomes difficult to think about end of life care, but it is a conversation that we must have in order to ensure that their care is a comfortable experience as they grow older.  

It is a tough discussion to have with your parents and loved ones about moving them into an assisted living facility. At Tysons Woods, we have two assisted living homes in Fairfax, VA your loved one will be able to see how much you love them through the care that we offer. To help you facilitate this discussion with your loved one, we have included a few important topics for you:

A Sense of Independence

We understand, many people assume going to an assisted living facility means they will have a limited amount of freedom or a reduced range of amenities that they may currently have at home. In Ashburn, similar to all of our locations, we ensure that our residents are comfortable and maintain their independence. We recommend touring our senior living homes with your loved one, so they can get see have a firsthand look and experience in our facility. Our residents can feel at home with suites that they can customize and various amenities that we offer. Each of our facilities features eight suites with full bathrooms and access to telephones, television, and WiFi. Our beautiful outdoor spaces offer gardening areas and plenty of room for walking. Each facility houses at most 8 residents, allowing our residents to form intimate relationships with each other and live in a close-knit environment.

Personal Care Like No Other

We make sure that our residents have exactly what they need and want. Each resident is provided with services including home-cooked meals, transportation to and from medical appointments, and activities to support their physical and mental health. Unlike larger facilities, we make sure our staff are very familiar with our residents. Our staff to resident ratio is 1 to 4, meaning that our caretakers get to know your loved one’s needs, as well as who they really are. This means that even the most minor changes are noticed and taken care of. We also have a licensed doctor and registered nurses on call 24/7 for any emergencyso no need to worry about anything going unnoticed or unchecked.

Hear From Our Residents

We’ve told you about our facilities and what we have to offer, but we believe that the quality of our services is best told from our residents and their families. Take Ric and Brian Chollar, whose mother has been with us for over 4 years. The Chollar family expresses that, “The staff and owner/manager truly know our mom (and each of the residents) very well, and give such excellent care (and loving gestures like getting her favorite Hershey bars) very much geared to her specific needs. We feel totally secure, knowing that staff are always very close by, so that when Mom has stumbled or needed help, they’ve responded within seconds or minutes.” Read more of our testimonials here.


Trust Tysons Woods as Your Small Assisted Living Residence in Fairfax, VA!

At Tysons Woods, we hope that your journey in finding the perfect home is as smooth as the initial transition for your loved one. Our staff understands the importance of selecting a home that suits and personally caters to each and every single need. We provide all-inclusive care with no hidden fees to make our Tysons assisted living a simple process for your loved one. With an environment that’s just like home and attentive staff who will be there around the clock, this transition will be much smoother for you and your loved one.

Here at Tysons Woods Assisted Living, your loved one will be in great hands! Call 703-846-0395 or contact us online for more information.