The Benefits of Small Assisted Living Homes in Northern Virginia

by January 16, 2018

After you decide to move your aging loved one to assisted living, you have one more choice to make: which assisted living home is right for your senior? This can be especially difficult if your senior is hesitant for the upcoming transition. You need to choose an assisted living facility where your family member will feel comfortable and receive the highest quality care.

When picking the best assisted living facility, there are a lot of features to consider, including pricing, available services, training level of medical staff, and size of the assisted living facility. Although it may not be at the top of your list of requirements, an assisted living facility’s size can make all the difference in your senior’s experience.

Smaller assisted living facilities with fewer residents give seniors better quality care and comfort than many large facilities, among a variety of other benefits. As a small assisted living facility in Northern Virginia, we at Tysons Woods provide all the benefits that a small assisted living environment can bring:


A common misconception about assisted living is that multiple residents all sleep and live in one room with little personal space and privacy. This depiction can be very worrisome for seniors who are nervous about moving into assisted living. However, this myth is not true, especially in smaller assisted living facilities like Tysons Woods! Smaller assisted living facilities tend to have less residents living in each home, and in most cases, each resident has a private bedroom. At Tysons Woods, we give every resident their own bedroom to maintain privacy, while the shared areas include a kitchen and living room.

Better Level of Care

An assisted living facility with less residents allows staff to pay more individualized attention to each resident and focus more on providing high quality care. At Tysons Woods, we have a staff-to-resident ratio of 1 to 4, which allows our highly trained staff members to get to know each resident on a deeper level and provide better care. Staff members quickly learn a resident’s physical and mental capabilities, routine, medicine schedule, and personality. They use this knowledge to provide personalized attention and go above and beyond to keep every resident comfortable and healthy.

Higher Motivation for Assisted Living

Moving to assisted living is an intimidating experience for many seniors, and suddenly being placed in an unfamiliar setting with a large number of strangers can often make assisted living even more unappealing. Smaller assisted living facilities, with plenty of privacy, fewer residents, and more personalized attention from staff, will likely help your senior feel more comfortable with making the transition.

Closer Resident Relationships

Smaller assisted living facilities help foster closer resident relationships, which may be ideal for seniors who fear being isolated in assisted living. At Tysons Woods, with just 8 residents per suite, your loved one is sure to quickly make friends with other residents and build strong relationships. Our staff offers a variety of community activities and events, giving our residents the chance to find others who have the same interests and begin friendships.

Tysons Woods: Small, Private, Personalized Assisted Living Home in Northern Virginia

At Tysons Woods, a small assisted living facility in Northern Virginia, is proud to provide these benefits to all of our residents. We believe that the environment of a small assisted living home best ensures our residents’ health and safety. We strive to give every resident the highest quality care, personal attention, and comfort during their stay. We offer 24/7 care, gorgeous indoor and outdoor facilities, and a variety of amenities.

When it’s time to make the transition to assisted living, choose a small assisted living facility in Northern Virginia with the excellent care your loved one requires.