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Home Care or Assisted Living in Vienna?

by August 8, 2017

Deciding the best option for your aging loved one usually isn’t an easy discussion. You have a few options available to you: allow your senior to keep living independently on their own, move them in with you and your family, hire a nurse to take care of your senior at their home, or move them to a small assisted living facility in Vienna.

Allowing your senior to keep living alone may sound ideal for the senior who doesn’t want to lose their independence, but this increases the risk that they’ll get hurt, and all too often, families have the discussion about how to take the best care of their loved ones after an emergency has already occurred. Alternatively, you may believe that moving your senior in with you and your family is a safe and financially appealing choice, but even the most loving of families can bump heads, and would your family know what to do in an emergency if your senior were to fall and injure themselves?

Many families quickly realize that the best option is to use professional medical care, either by hiring a home care nurse for your senior or moving your senior to assisted living. Some seniors freeze up at the mention of assisted living. The idea of moving to an unfamiliar institution under the watchful eye of nurses and other caregivers might look too scary and uncertain to them. If this is the case, you may consider hiring a nurse to provide elder home care as an alternative.

However, choosing a like-home assisted living facility can give your senior the independence and comfort they desire while providing care 24/7. When picking your assisted living facility, you must pick one where your senior will feel comfortable and safe. Tysons Woods is an all-inclusive small assisted living facility in Vienna, Virginia. We provide our residents with beautiful, private living alongside professional routine and emergency medical services, community activities, and much more.

We believe that a small assisted living home is the best way to ensure your loved one’s safety and well-being, but they might need more convincing. Seniors may try to pick home care over assisted living for a few reasons:

“I don’t want to lose my independence”: One of the biggest reasons seniors don’t want to move to assisted living is because they think they’ll lose all semblance of independence and privacy, and will have RN’s breathing down their neck 24/7. They may prefer to stay where they live now and have a nurse visit on a routine basis. However, at Tysons Woods, seniors still have the option to remain in their suite and have our medical staff come to them. Our facilities are beautiful homes complete with private bedrooms, a living room, and kitchen. They can still cook, watch TV, read, and do whatever other activities they enjoy in the privacy of their suite.

“I can still take care of myself”: If your senior still has the ability to perform many daily functions on their own, like cooking, dressing, and bathing, they may picture assisted living as a place where medical staff do everything for seniors, from dressing to feeding and everything in between. At Tysons Woods, our professional medical staff members get to know our residents individually and understand each resident’s capabilities. Our staff is here to help with services as needed without invading our residents’ personal space unnecessarily.

“I love my home, I don’t want to leave”: We understand that home is where your senior is most comfortable, where everything is familiar and arranged or decorated how they want it. Leaving home is always difficult, but the suites at Tysons Woods are designed with this in mind. Our suites look and feel just like home, with each resident having their own private bedroom as well as plenty of space in the common areas. We encourage our residents to bring the comforts of home, whether it’s light furniture, knick knacks, or wall decorations. Soon enough, your senior will consider Tysons Woods home sweet home.

“I don’t need a lot of help, I just want a companion”: If your senior is more independent and doesn’t need a lot of daily assistance but desires companionship, they may ask for home care instead of assisted living. To them, assisted living may seem like a place where they’re isolated from family and other residents. At Tysons Woods, this could not be further from the truth! Our suites only house a maximum of 8 residents, which we believe gives seniors plenty of opportunity to interact with one another and build friendships. We have a low staff-to-resident ratio as well, which allows our friendly professional staff to get to know your loved one and provide plenty of companionship. Sure, a nurse coming by the house might be the friend they’re looking for, but your senior’s safety is not guaranteed when the nurse is not there. Choosing assisted living means choosing both companionship and safety.

Tysons Woods: Like-Home Assisted Living in Northern Virginia

When it comes to your loved one’s safety and well-being, choose a small assisted living community with a 24/7 home care environment. Choose an assisted living facility with beautiful properties and a dedication to keeping residents safe while respecting their independence. Choose Tysons Woods.